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Jan '15 Officer Meeting

Posted by Alpha Psi on January 22, 2015 at 10:30 AM

AP Officer Meetting 1/21/15

Alpha Psi conference

 Fundraising

o donation jar at all events

o restaurants

 progressive (dinner and dessert)

o merchandise

 member/merch pts

 Networking

o adopt-an-alumni mentor program

o big/lil program

o alumni chapter - donations

 Board members

o recruitment chair

o alumni chair

o social chair

o philanthropy chair

 Dues

o active 3 yrs, 4th yr is free

o other chapters charge $50-$90 per year

 social

o tailgates

o parents day

o bar golf

o intramural

o beer tasting at house (brewers come to you)

o oktoberfest

 Challenges

o marketed as a club vs fraternity

 chapter meetings

o member benefits for school-wide events

 AP google calendar

 Philanthropy

o blood drives

o casino night/live auction or raffle

o flag football

 Recruitment

o vet document/survival guide - put into 1st year packets

o pledge night

o get involved with the pre-vet club


 $2623 in the bank

 ~$2500 for formal

o does not include the drink tickets

o should drop tables to even out $

 Still need to formalize exact # of AP members for drink tickets

Vice President

 alumni update

o alums - goldsmith, tart, frost?, schnabel

o Meagan’s mentor - Anna Michael-Rubly?

 prez of alumni assoc

o Get names/info from National AP → Dean’s office to get current addresses

 Katheryn Kuchyt

 Nu News

o fall/spring events

o initiates

o roof/renovations - est cost >$36k

 gofundme?

o House pets

o Alum chapter


 A Black Tie Affair

o tickets now $18

o photobooth

 photo frames

 goodwill?

o need final count for AP members → drink tickets

o current total $$

o set-up sign up for 30-min shifts collecting tickets/handing out dance tickets at dance

 excel sheet will be sent out

 7-11pm

o would like as many officers to be there at 7pm just in case no one shows for swing dancing lesson

o Goal - interact with faculty (they typically show up early vs later)

o Monday 1/26

o Advertising

 e-mails/FB

 another round of class announcements

 Another rush event

o similar time as prospective students? (Feb)

 backlash from ASA - OK it first

 info in prospective student folder

 Date for spring initiation

o send out survey

o e-mail chris or Katheryn for electronic updated version of initiation

 Date for elections/chapter meeting

o open for all members - get as much member input as possible

o Feb

 Date for other social events

o Feb?

 Prospective students?

o ideas

 end of year grill out/bbq

 weekend before finals week

 Are you smarter than a 1st yr

o end of the year?

o paired with skits?

 wine and cheese cocktail - fondue - chocolate

 valentines vs beginning of march

 prospective students??

 after equine tours?

 talk to Total Wines about donating a bottle or 2

 Sidewalk dog? → restaurants

 Urban growler - pet friendly


 lunch lectures?

o point of care testing - Sharkey

o cardiology

o Churchill - nutrition consult/cases

 wet labs

o FAST scans with Dr. Tart

 set up depending on IACUC

 could extend for up to 3 years

 need to send estimate of general interest members that want to come

 10 ppl/group for wetlab

 would have to split

 1 animal/group of 3 people

 3rd year elective

 add members

 charge for pizza?

o bovine palpation? is this happening

 table to next fall

 Sorge?/Goldsmith

o Spay/Neuter lab

 any info from Katie?

 need to pick and set dates

 before white coat

o beginning of April?

o Sunday would be best

 could do sat before white coat :)

 Katie will contact Wilke

 apply for more grants

 have 1000 already

 use structure of SIRVS spay/neuter lab

 teams of 3

 set up day before on site

 shift managers to keep things running

 required lectures/wet labs

 Fluids/catheters/tubing

o catheter models in library for practice

 Send out survey for comfort with ET tube/cath!

 calculate drugs

o during drug lecture give out sheets and make sure they know how to do it before Sx day

 AAHA will be giving away leftover supplies

 order thru SIRVS/borrow equipment

o talk to Wilke about getting LRS from her

o Cadaver lab

 contact Kurt about acquiring them

 set date

o others?


 applying for student council grant

 others?


 ideas

o food/restaurants

 chipotle 50%

 Culvers

 Perkins?

 NOT:


 Panera Bread

o merchandise

 glassware - shot glasses, wine glasses

 AP shirts

 talk to Zach

 CVM/general

 eat shit and die

 email Natalie from AP national conference

 dog olympics booth- April 2x

o face painting - focus on the kids

o poster about the club

o okay food with people

o sell leftover merchandise

 Yoga

o Tina

 Composite picture

o Meagan will do it


 donate to fund for teaching hospital

 spring 5k

 relay for life?

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