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Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Posted by Alpha Psi on March 31, 2016 at 10:35 PM

March 31, 2016 Meeting

Attendance: Patricia Zentner, Katie Gundersen, Meagan Abraham, Linnea Thraen, Jessica Hunt, Molly Kubezcko, Kevin Gustafson


Treasurer’s report: $ 4,144.70 (minus $1000 for formal set aside-ness for next year)

Plus $267.50 for Spay/Neuter 1st installment

Plus $500 for Student Council Grant for Black Tie Affair (Formal)


Old Business

-Combining house and club into one entity

  • Updates? Patricia is emailing Mel and Ana about attending the next meeting
  • Next 2 years- hoping to raise enough funds to fix the roof. Sharkey has some networking to fix the roof
  • Haven’t yet decided about combining accounts- will discuss at next meeting

-Toga party

  • Make annual event? Yes!
  • For next year
  • Better advertising
  • Same amount of people→ get ⅙ of a keg

-Club and House Elections

  • New officers:Claire Ehlen- Vice President/President elect, Kevin Gustafson- Education co-chair
  • New house managers- Anastasia Hester, Mel Daley


  • Spay/Neuter Day:
  • Set up Saturday 4/9 - Volunteers (Molly, Katie, Patricia, Claire, Nicole, Karen, Karlee, Kevin)
  • Get there closer to noon
  • Molly talking to Wilke about organizing a time/closing up
  • Meet at 11:00 am to load
  • Molly labeling Friday night
  • Time to Set up- noon
  • Day of…
  • Meet at the house around 7am
  • Break up into groups of 2 and grab carriers of cats
  • Quick check-over/PE to make sure okay for anesthesia
  • Katie to make google doc for carpool
  • Purchasing before the day (food, random supplies)- Ashley and Meagan
  • Molly has list of “other” items
  • VHA order - placed
  • Gifts for the doctors?
  • Nice chocolate for Wilke only
  • Thank you cards & $5 for each doctor- 6 doctors

Philanthropy- Ashley gone


  • February: valentine’s for the nursing home
  • Do again next year!
  • March: Unofficial St. Patty’s day- canceled→ combine with Toga party for next year


New Business


  • FASTScan
  • April 29th (6pm lecture)
  • Pizza provided
  • 30th 3-5pm
  • Need animals- signup and forms that need to be filled out
  • 10 people per hour- 20 people total
  • Send out interest form

-Next Networking Dinner-

  • Sharkey- Patricia setting it up
  • Practice cases for 2nd and 3rd years

-Recruitment for next year

  • First year survival guide- ASA doing something similar
  • Current first years make a “Top Ten” list of ways to survive booth at activity fair
  • Update trifold with new photos etc. → Linnea
  • Other ideas
  • Committees- current first years to help with recruiting
  • Big and Lil program- big chooses little
  • Brunch mornings
  • Come up with more ideas over the summer

-Fees for next year

  • $20 last year, $7 goes to national
  • Make “buy 4 years for the cost of 3” available


  • BBQ? Wednesday May 11, SRCC and PAM last year- combine again?
  • Charge $5 for non-members, free for members
  • open to the whole school
  • Ashley- hog roast ($200 last year)
  • “Are you smarter than a first year?” Prize is fame and glory.

-Other activities we’d like to do for next year? PUT LIST ON BOARD FOR NEXT YEAR

  • Friday September 9- Back to Books Bonfire (after MVMA bbq)
  • October-Halloween party
  • November- Initiation then after-party with wine!
  • December- Ugly Sweater Party
  • January- Black Tie Affair- Friday, January 20th
  • February- V-day party?/ Passion party ;)
  • March- Toga and St. Paddy’s day party
  • April- Pig Roast

-Treasurer’s goal for next year?

  • Help organize with house managers- find out where finances are at currently

-Alumni Updates

  • Generate new letter to send this summer?
  • V.P. and President complete one at the end of the semester
  • Include networking opportunities

Update Bulletin Board- Katie and Meagan


Next meeting: TBD


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